One daughter. One mama. Conquering food two bites at a time.

This is a blog by two bites – a mom and her daughter – who are obsessed, insane, and just plain crazy about food. Sweet, savory, contemporary, throw-back, cooking in, dining out, shopping for it, smelling it, touching it, trying the new, and craving the known – you name it: We love the experience food brings to us. Sliding perfectly baked biscuits out of the oven makes us weep.


MARINA MESROPOV (aka Bite One) is a kid who has always known there is more to life than chicken tenders and pizza. By the age of five, she was eating seared scallops, wine-braised beef, and octopus sushi. If she’s not eating (or going to school – there’s that), she’s riding horses or training her two hysterical dogs.


KERI MESROPOV (aka Bite Two) is a devoted home cook who woulda/coulda/shoulda pursued the art of culinary delight (though, consultant to the arts ain’t bad). When she’s not busy being a VP, you can find her chopping, frying, baking, roasting, or pouring a tall glass of white. All with Bite One (except the pouring bit, of course).


DADDY BITE (aka Slava – guest artist) is tester, guinea pig, occasional cleaner-upper and most of all, inspiration. Daddy Bite is Russian and always brings his one-of-a-kind accented humor (and his appetite) to the Mesropov table.